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Why do I use Nanoil Retinol Face Serum?

Hey Girls! Today I’m coming to you with a quite controversial subject: retinol. I know that among all of you there are both supporters and opponents of retinol. I have to admit that back then I would say “no” to retinol, mainly because all I knew about it was that this substance…
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Why I fell in love with Nanoil Hair Oil

Hello everyone! I couldn’t resist the temptation and I bought Nanoil Hair Oil. It has been advertised almost everywhere and I’ve read so many positive opinions so I finally decided it’s going to be mine. I ordered it a few weeks ago but I wanted to test it thoroughly before posting my opinion.


Mascara – A fabulous story about this iconic cosmetic

Today’s entry is going to be a fairy-tale-ish one. Let me tell you a story of the most desired, groundbreaking beauty cosmetic which, undoubtedly, doesn’t only define the woman’s beauty but also satisfies vanity. I’ll never forget the moment when I applied a mascara for the first time. I felt ‘the power’.
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Sea Buckthorn Oil – My Secret of Youthful Face Skin

It contains twelve times more vitamin C than a fresh orange. The ingredient is loved by luxury cosmetic brands and known as the elixir of youth. What is it? I would like you to meet a substance that I love thanks to my grandma. Seriously. She revealed the secrets of natural beauty
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Nanoil Argan Hair Mask: 7 reasons why this is the best hair mask!

Hey Girls, How has your hair been feeling lately? Mine happen to be somehow fickle and I know that if I don’t react fast then there won’t be much to save soon 🙂 Simply, air conditioning, high temperatures and sun rays take their toll. Therefore, it’s high time I did something to
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Makeup & Skincare Don’t Exist Without Them! Must-Have Beauty Accessories

Hi, girls! How many gadgets do you need for beautiful makeup and right skincare? Not many. Brushes, sponges, body gloves and something for keeping them clean – that’s it. Maybe, not quite 🙂 A cleansing and exfoliating face brush also comes in useful. These are my makeup & skincare essentials. If you


Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth – Use, Effects, Opinion

It is said that using castor oil for eyelashes has some dark sides, isn’t as effective as some people believe and shouldn’t be used too much. Where is the truth? Let me tell you about castor in beauty care. CASTOR OIL You will buy it at every drugstore because its primary function


[HIT] I’m testing NANOIL VITAMIN C FACE SERUM for you!

Perhaps there is no-one who wouldn’t know vitamin C and its medicinal properties. But do you know that our skin needs it to function properly? Indeed, vitamin C offers us the means to take our skin care routine to the next level. How so? For example, this essential nutrient is known for