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Which Eyelash Serum Should I choose?

I love testing all kinds of eye products and today I will tell you more about the Nanolash Serum which is supposed to make your lashes grow long and thick. I was talked into this all eyelash Enhancer thing by my best friend, Alisha who at that time was trying similar serum


Peel-off make-up? Direcsil Face Shield Test

It is the product thousands of women have been waiting for. Make-up gel, which makes sure no foundation will clog your pores and at the end of the day, you can just… peel it off! Wow! Is it really the best solution? My make-up adventure began a long time ago when I
blow it


Hair without a blow-dryer? Test of new Bumble and Bumble, Don’t Blow It cream

Hello girls, Today I’m coming to you with a new product 😉 Actually, I have used it only twice so far but I believe this is enough when it comes to the very cosmetic. I’m talking about hair care cream by Bumble and Bumble, Don’t Blow It which is a cosmetic the


Say YES to the Sun! How I Care for My Skin, Hair & Nails in Summer?

Hi, girls! When I go on holidays, I ask myself one question: should I protect skin from the sun or let it get tanned? The answer is always the same. Protect so it gets at least little suntan. In the post, I’ll present my methods for safe sunbathes and keeping summer tan
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Healthy & Fresh Hair? Make DIY Dry Shampoo!

Natural DIY cosmetics should be used by every woman. They deliver far better effects than drugstore products. You are aware of ingredients you use. Most of all, you are sure they won’t cause irritation. If you are curious about homemade beauty products and their effects, read on. Let’s learn how to make
hair oil


Hair Repair. How to Care for Hairdos in 5 Steps?

Hair is women’s weak spot. When something bad happens to our hairdos, we suffer a lot. After all, hair is the synonym of beauty. An amazing and healthy hairdo is the pride of women. The brutal truth is… men also pay attention to long and well-kept hair. Beautiful, luminous strands that fall


My 5 minutes for younger and prettier face. Morning massage and nourishing cosmetics

Howdy! What should we do to look pretty? Would you be surprised if I told you that just 5 minutes per day devoted to your complexion (care + massage) will do? Check out which methods I follow, how I exercise my face muscles, and which products I use to stay young. Enjoy


Moroccanoil Volume Shampoo – We didn’t get along with each other…

Hello Girls, Today’s review covers shampoo, and the shampoo isn’t underwhelming because it was produced by Moroccanoil – the brand that boasts about their cosmetics being used by the world music and movie celebrities. OK, this is probable but I don’t know that for sure because I haven’t been lucky enough to