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Hair without a blow-dryer? Test of new Bumble and Bumble, Don’t Blow It cream

Hello girls, Today I’m coming to you with a new product 😉 Actually, I have used it only twice so far but I believe this is enough when it comes to the very cosmetic. I’m talking about hair care cream by Bumble and Bumble, Don’t Blow It which is a cosmetic the


NEW! Michel Mercier brushes

Hello Beautiful Beings! I don’t know if you had this opportunity to heard about the new, exceptional brushes by Michel Mercier? ‘What’s so exceptional about them?’ – you would ask. Well, there are many exceptional things about the brushes, my dear Ladies. I’ll do my best to describe you the tools. Michel


Is Tangle Teezer worth the Hype?

The traditional plastic wide- tooth comb era is over. We are flooded with hair tools including various brushes and combs and it seems impossible to limit yourself to only one hair detangling tool. Our expectations are high and the beauty companies are trying to fulfil them. A couple of years back natural


L’oreal TRIPLE RESIST Review

Today I have for you a highly requested review of L’Oreal Arginine Resist X3 Light. I was using it for over a month now. First, it is important to know what the arginine is. Not many have heard that it is an essential amino acid produced naturally by our body. This crucial


Colored Hair Care

Women need constant change when it comes to their look. We go through different stages in our lives and our appearance reflects it. Unlike men, we constantly feel the need to modify something in our look. It is like a personal hygiene to us. You probably dyed your hair not once. If
best hair oil - nanoil high porosity


Why I fell in love with Nanoil Hair Oil

Hello everyone! I couldn’t resist the temptation and I bought Nanoil Hair Oil. It has been advertised almost everywhere and I’ve read so many positive opinions so I finally decided it’s going to be mine. I ordered it a few weeks ago but I wanted to test it thoroughly before posting my opinion.