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Tattoo on your lips

Are you bored with red, pink, or nude lips. Are you no shrinking violet and would like to try something new in your evening make-up? Why don’t you have a ‘tattoo’ done? It is not as scary as it sounds. The Lip Tattoo stickers have become hugely popular over the last few


Sexy Mama Powder

There are days when it is almost impossible to have a perfect, oil-free make-up. What causes most problems is probably the ‘illuminating’ T-zone. Even if you use the premier and a matte foundation after a short period of time the forehead are gets shiny. Therefore, it is so important to have a


Is Mattitude HD Make Up good?

This morning I woke up in a great mood and a few seconds later, I realized that it was raining again. The weather was not matching my inner state at all. I’ve decided that I will share with you my thoughts about the product towards which I have equally mixed feelings. A