Peel-off make-up? Direcsil Face Shield Test

It is the product thousands of women have been waiting for. Make-up gel, which makes sure no foundation will clog your pores and at the end of the day, you can just… peel it off! Wow! Is it really the best solution? My make-up adventure began a long time ago when I


Close-up on the colour – nails and lips in “therapeutic” version

Hi, girls! Today I have some good news for those of you who love colourful make-up. Since recently, the new trend took on and it treats colour not only as a pigment to emphasise the beauty, iris, eye colour or outfit but also for its therapeutic properties. Colour therapy — what is
hydrating foundation


Foundation and skin type. How to perform a perfect make-up?

Hi, girls! Surely many of you had a problem with choosing the right foundation for her skin colour and type. The result? Noticeable dry skin flakes, shine skin in the T-zone, too light or too dark shade of the cosmetic. Are these your problems as well? If the answer is yes, allow