Moroccanoil Volume Shampoo – We didn’t get along with each other…

Hello Girls, Today’s review covers shampoo, and the shampoo isn’t underwhelming because it was produced by Moroccanoil – the brand that boasts about their cosmetics being used by the world music and movie celebrities. OK, this is probable but I don’t know that for sure because I haven’t been lucky enough to


Organic cotton cloth for skin exfoliation – Hot or Not?

The review of such a product like Organic Muslin Face Cloth for Extra Exfoliation will probably surprise you. This is something completely new among dozens texts concerning peelings, creams and face masks. After all, skin care accessories are equally important, aren’t they? Softness, smoothness and perfect skin moisturisation is the effect of


Nivea Body Lotion Oil – Subjectively About the Product

Oils are the hottest beauty products now. Women use them for skin, nails, hair, makeup, makeup removal. What do you make of combining an oil and body balm for perfectly moisturised and smooth skin? Both products play a key role in skincare so I think that mixing them is a great idea.


The Best Curl Enhancer – Creightons The Curl Company Enhance & Perfect Cream

A jewel for those in search of an irreplaceable curl cream! I have a bad experience with drugstore products. They usually offer poorer quality. Sorry… you won’t get a good cosmetic at the price of two doughnuts. Obviously, it is my opinion. You can think differently 🙂 I had been looking for


Chanel Le Volume Mascara – How does it coat the eyelashes? Review

Hey my lovely ones 🙂 Today is the day when I’m going to post a review of a top-shelf mascara which is Le Volume by Chanel. I don’t know what’s your opinion about that but I’m an avid fan of prestigious and labelled mascaras. I know, this might sound a little bit