[TEST] Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Does it work? And if so, how?

Hey You Beautiful,

I’ve prepared a review of Nanobrow eyebrow serum for you. This is one of my newest beauty products. Are you curious why I needed such cosmetic, how it works and whether it served it purpose? Keep reading.


A few introductory words for a start.

Why do we need an eyebrow serum?

I know that eyebrow serum isn’t the most popular cosmetic in the world. To me, neglecting eyebrows and their needs shouldn’t take place. Each one of us – no matter if a woman or man – should take care of their eyebrows because without them, we would look pretty wired.

Some time ago I decided to set a good example and show how to intensify the colour of eyebrows, thicken them and improve their looks. Without leaving home!

In my view, use of eyebrow serum is the simplest form of taking care of eyebrows. Regular application, every day at bedtime, is all you need to do to provide eyebrows with moisture, nourishment and regeneration. In this easy way, you can enhance your eyebrows dramatically.

My choice – NANOBROW

At the very beginning of my fight for stunning eyebrows I used to apply castor oil. I guess, most of you are familiar with this oil and the effects it creates. Well, I can’t say that castor oil didn’t help me since it conditioned my eyebrows pretty well.

However, I needed something stronger. Therefore, I did my own research (I browse the Net) and I came across Nanobrow eyebrow serum.

What made me use the eyebrow serum?

  1. Approximately 10 conditioning substances, including 4 plant extracts, arginine, pro vitamin B5, etc.
  2. Ultra-light consistency that is well-absorbed by skin and eyebrows. The formula lacks colorants and aroma compounds.
  3. Fast results and effectiveness, which translates into 2x thicker and more enhanced eyebrows in just 30 days.

Nanobrow eyebrow serum

It’s time to present you this beauty product, so here are the details.

INGREDIENTS: Several various substances among which you can find natural plant extracts combined with substances known for their conditioning properties: arginine, glycerin and panthenol. Nanobrow doesn’t contain any colorants, aroma compounds, parabens and all that nasty jazz. The key ingredients responsible for stimulating eyebrow growth are:

  • soy sprout extract
  • wheat sprout extract
  • ginseng extract
  • baicalein, which is Baikal skullcap extract
  • arginine (amino acid)
  • pro vitamin B5, which is panthenol

CONSISTENCY: This is a lightweight product which density fosters easy application and fast absorption. The eyebrow serum aroma isn’t irritating. The serum is colorless. Actually, there’s nothing that I could complain about because even the efficiency of Nanobrow was a positive surprise to me.

EFFECTS: Obviously, the most important thing is how the product works. I’ll tell you about effects that I achieved in a moment. Now, I’d like to tell you what the producer promises; Nanobrow is supposed to moisturize, nourish, deeply regenerate, reinforce, combat diminishing brows, accelerate eyebrow growth and increase volume. All of this makes the eyebrow serum perfectly suitable for those who:

  • have thin and barely-there eyebrows.
  • experience the problem of diminishing eyebrows.
  • want to cut down on applying brow makeup.
  • dream of having enhanced eyebrows.

Does Nanobrow work?

There is just one answer to this question: IT DOES! <3

I’m truly satisfied with the outcomes that are produced (providing that you apply Nanobrow serum regularly). All the slogans like ‘eyebrows so beautiful like never before’ aren’t exaggerated, they are true.

BENEFITS: In my case, the first effects were easy to notice within 7 days or so. Ultra fast, isn’t it? Thanks to Nanobrow, my eyebrows became more nourished and darker. Obviously, the dramatic changes were about to come. Although I had to wait a little bit longer to see those, I can tell you that the final effects were worth the wait. Eventually my eyebrows become definitely thicker and fuller-looking. Today they are truly beautiful, dark and enhanced – without makeup!

EFFICIENCY: I experienced literally no problems with getting used to daily Nanobrow use. A convenient applicator with a well-shaped tip and the ultra-light formula are the two factors that synchronized here flawlessly. Nanobrow eyebrow serum is easy to use because the application consists of three simple steps:

  1. start with removing makeup carefully
  2. then spread the serum on one eyebrow
  3. repeat the procedure on the other eyebrow

My Rating:

10/10 – till now, it has been the best eyebrow serum I’ve ever had a chance to use!

23 Comments “[TEST] Nanobrow eyebrow serum: Does it work? And if so, how?”

  1. AnnShirley

    You’re a gift from heavens! I tried so many things for brows that I could write a novel! Henna didn’t stick cause there’s nothing to stick to, pencil rubs off, pomade makes me look like a cyborg and I seriously started to consider permanent make-up but that’s a lot of cash and I’m tiny bit scared… what is something goes wrong? And here’s this marvel! I’ll definetely try it, I have nothing to lose… regards!

  2. miss johanna

    Does it work? Hell ya it works! Great composition, light formula and amazing action. I use Nanobrow for few months now and I’m in love with it. SuperSerum 😀

    • tiffany

      miss johanna, since when do you use it? your on the first bottle or another one?

      • miss johanna

        I use Nanobrow for 3,5 months and I’m still on my first bottle, though just to be sure I ordered two. 🙂

  3. XOXO

    I confirm, it works lightning speed fast! Under two weeks and a lot has changed already in how my brows look like, they’re darker and stronger and finally start to grow.

  4. daydreaming

    Oh, how I’d love to have such amazing brows!

  5. Margaret

    I’d give it 9/10 cause I think it’s a pity that you can get it only online…

    • patty

      but the delivery is fast ;p

  6. GABBY

    Have one too! Got it as a gift from my mom. Super easy to use, but I can’t talk effects yet as I have it only for a week. If it works the way it worked for you, then my mom just gave me the best present ever! ^^

  7. andy

    is Nanobrow expensive? How much does it cost?

    • Mari Melbec

      cheap as chips! 🙂

  8. MyBeautySkin

    When it comes to quality, it’s PRICELESS!

  9. rational

    It sorts of cheaper than some serums but still, isn’t it a bit too pricey? Castor oil works a like and you can get it at every pharmacy…

    • Agnes T

      @rational A LIKE does not mean THE SAME – castor oil doesn’t make brows this thick and difficult to apply 😉

  10. kitty cat

    I love your blog, I was never disappointed by any of products you recommend, so thanks!

  11. daffodil

    does it matter how much you apply? I started using it the day before yesterday and I’m afraid that I might apply too little

  12. xara

    probably expensive

    • Annie22

      It’s not that expensive. It really pays off. 🙂

  13. Amazed!

    It’s a champion among ingredients 🙂 Serum is super effective, I recommend and confirm the good opinions about Nanobrow

  14. justine

    girls, where can I get Nanobrow? Is there any store I can get one?

  15. MEGA

    Great product, just a matter of time before it gets some beauty reward. That’s a pity but for all I know Nanobrow can be bought just online. Luckily they ship it fast. I had mine the next day!

  16. screamer

    I was sceptical but too use it for few weeks now and I can see improvement. And believe me my brows were in terrible condition after all the plucking and shaving experiences. Luckily Nanobrow’s ingredients work even for such a hopeless case. There’s a light at the end of this tunel! xD

  17. love

    Gosh, and I’m hear tire off Orphica Brow while you write about such a marvel!


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