Hand Care at Home

Imagine that you are going to the beauty salon to have your nails done. You sit on the chair, and notice that your manicurist has dry, unsightly looking hands. It is does not look professional on anybody. How to take care of our hands so that they are our pride. This is the part of our body that we neglect the most. There is an old saying that no matter how young your face looks, your hands will always give away your age.hand-care-at-home

Our hands are overexposed, overused, and treated with harsh soap many times during the day. When you wash your hands and you are sure they are squeaky clean, it is time to apply a good moisturizer. If you spend most of your day outside of the house, make sure that you always have the hand cream with you. It is not a big problem nowadays as most of the cosmetic companies have a small, portable hand creams that can be carried around.

Remember to wear gloves anytime you are going to use harsh household cleaners. These are extremely damaging to the skin and can make your hands cracked and dry. Not many of us realize how important exfoliating the skin dead cells is. We all would like to have soft hands and now in our ‘home spa’ it can be easily achieved.

Once a week use a scrub made of olive oil or any oil of your choice mixed with sugar. There is no excuse, as everybody has it in a kitchen and it is cheap! Having your nails done and looking good will definitely boost our self-confidence. It is important to keep them neat and clean. Regardless whether you want to keep your nails short or long, they should always be the same length. Another crucial aspect of the nail care is using acetone-free polish remover to prevent their breakage.

As you see, taking care of your hands is not the rocket science and all it can be done at home.

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