Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth – Use, Effects, Opinion

It is said that using castor oil for eyelashes has some dark sides, isn’t as effective as some people believe and shouldn’t be used too much. Where is the truth? Let me tell you about castor in beauty care.


You will buy it at every drugstore because its primary function is treating stomach problems (it is a laxative). Resourceful women had been looking for an effective hair growth oil and discovered its conditioning and stimulating (hair bulbs to work) properties. Now, the primary use for castor oil has been forgotten. It is known as the cheapest and most effective hair and eyelash growth oil. After all, eyelashes are also hair.


What does the oil look like? It is colourless, fragrance-free and very thick, which makes the application to scalp and – especially – lashes very hard. Obviously, you can thin it down and mix with other products (e.g. liquid paraffin and egg) yet it is still problematic when you begin your adventure with the natural care. From my experience – when you apply castor oil to lashes, first mix it with almond or jojoba oil, and then use a washed brush from your old mascara.


Castor oil is believed to be one of the most effective oils for hair growth. In eyelash care, it is often used as a cheaper, safer and more natural substitute for eyelash conditioners. However, I recommend testing the effects of Nanolash eyelash serum; it conditions and boosts growth much better. It also contains natural ingredients and what is most important – is easier to use. If you think that a lash enhancer is not for you, include at least castor oil in your daily lash care. The oil:

  • strengthens lash bulbs so fewer lashes fall out;
  • effectively nourishes and moisturises, delivering shine and elasticity;
  • brings a strikingly darker shade and intensity;
  • promotes lash growth after two weeks of use.

8 Comments “Castor Oil for Eyelash Growth – Use, Effects, Opinion”

  1. strawberry

    it caused allergic reaction – my eyes were swollen and I couldn’t even open them in the morning and that’s how my experience with castor oil ended

    • Annie

      I had similar reaction but only when I used too much oil at once

  2. Isabel

    I don’t think you should apply it to your hair becaue is it very tick and sticky! it’s even worse when it comes to wahing it down.

  3. Alexandra

    I applied it to my lashes once and my eyes started itching so I didn’t get the chance to see if it really works. But, I managed to try out nanolash the one you are talking about and my lashes grew longer very quickly! I will buy one more sooon:D

  4. Camilla

    the oil helped me when my lashes were falling out excessively. I’ve been using it for a year now and my lashes are stronger , thicker or darker and I think it got a bit longer but I’m not sure if I owe it all to castor oil only because I am taking vitamins A+E for a year as well

  5. Megan111

    I read so many positive opinions about this oil on various forums (except the comments of allergy sufferers) and I get the feeling that I am the only person how didn’t notice any changes. My lashes are falling out just like they were before 😐

    • Grace

      you’re not alone! I had the same! I used it every evenig for about six month and nothing happened. My lashes were falling out excesively as well. I bought a serum in a drugstore and the lashes grew longer but they are still falling out, I don’t know what else to do

      • Alexandra

        try out buying a more expensive lash serum and above all, go see a doctor because maybe it is a more serious matter


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