Exotic Fruits for your skin

It is a common knowledge that the closer to the mother nature you are the better. It refers to the beauty industry and to the skin care as well. Our grandmothers couldn’t have gone to Sephora to pick one of the best serums available, but their skin looked healthy and radiant. Their beauty lied in fruits that are the best source of minerals and vitamins.exotic-fruit

For those with dry, sensitive skin there is no better fruit that avocados. They are high in ‘good’ fat called monounsaturated. It is a great moisturizer and it helps to restore the oil balance in your skin. It can replace the natural, essential oil that was washed away by the harsh cleansing products you use.

Pineapples are said to be woman’s best friend. Only small amount of this fruit minimalizes the feeling of hunger. It tastes great and make you lose a few inches. It also rejuvenates and hydrates your skin.
Kiwi fruit is a great source of Vitamin C that is responsible for the immune system. What’s more, it is full of antioxidants which minimalize skin damage due to constant exposure to dirt. It has a strong antiseptic properties so it is perfect for any skin issues like acne. If you do not like the sour taste of kiwi, massage your face with a its pulp and then let it sit there for a few minutes.

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