4 Products Said to Be Forbidden in Skin Care! I Checked Them Myself

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Lemon, baking soda, hair spray, toothpaste. Many girls believe these to be amazing skin care products whereas others think we should never apply them to the skin. Where lies the truth? I checked it myself and summed up the results in the post. Read on!


It has strong whitening and strengthening properties. Lemon contains vitamin C that is included in many cosmetics. Why do some people say that lemon shouldn’t be used for skin? I mix the juice extracted from the yellow citrus with a sugar scrub and apply it to face skin twice a week. Effect? Fresh, smooth and radiant complexion. And it’s a big if… If you have post-acne wounds and apply lemon juice, you might feel pain and smarting. To make things worse, lemon and skin have different pH, which can trigger irritation and damages in the protective lipid layer. Reportedly, if you apply lemon juice before sunbathing, it can cause sunburn.


The product is a great ingredient of DIY masks because it delivers exfoliating and cleansing benefits. Yes, my skin was smooth and slightly firmer after using such a mask. Sadly, I felt like my skin was burning during the treatment; my face was all red after washing the mask off. Luckily, the pain and irritation disappeared quickly. Will I use the baking soda mask again? Doubt it…


Spritzing face with a hair spray? Even though some girls do it for longer-lasting makeup, it is a bad idea. Result? The products stay on the face for a few days (!) but just think what happens to the skin. Alcohol – included in the spray – makes skin dry, speeds up the appearance of wrinkles and leads to irritation. The worst effect? It might cause acne and other skin conditions.


The tube says ‘toothpaste’ so use it for your teeth! Why apply it to face skin? Girls probably do it because of cooling and drying benefits. Yes, it dries pimples but in the long-term use, it can irritate the skin and boost the occurrence of wrinkles.

Have you used these products in skin care? 

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