Dark circles around eyes? I got rid of them long time ago!

Hi, Girls!

Dark circles, puffiness, tearing, redness. These inconveniences can happen to your eyes as well if you will not take good care of them. Unfortunately, I know something about it… Yet, luckily I managed to get rid of the problem and I’m going to tell you exactly how I did it. It started pretty simply…

Dark circles and bags under (my) eyes

These appeared when I neglected my eyes’ area skin care. I think it had something to do with lack of exercises in the fresh air and sleep issues. The bags were bigger and bigger and the dark circles were also more visible each day. I had to find the reason behind the worsening condition of my skin. I quickly eliminated two most common reasons for dark circles: poor diet and stressful lifestyle. Next causes also turned out to be improbable. It was about the genetic conditioning and sensitive skin. Or maybe it was just my age? No, definitely not! Nonetheless, if you happen to suffer from same imperfections as I did, do what I did.

The most important rules for eyes skin care

If you want your skin to be smooth, firm and healthy around eyes, remember about: long sleep, no sugar diet, hydration (both on the inside and outside), limiting coffee intake, gentle make-up removal and use of proper cosmetics. As a last resort, you can try treatments that are on the verge of cosmetology and more invasive measures (shots with hyaluronic acid, Mesotherapy that involves delivering nourishing substances with airwaves or carboxytherapy).

Eye cream

Deep sleep and a healthy diet will not help us get rid of dark circles if you will not use eye cream. These are cosmetics for special tasks and each one of us should have at least one of those in her toilet. Eye cream moisturises, delivers oxygen to the skin, lightens and soothes. It should contain vitamin C and K, but also arnica, chestnut and ginkgo extracts. How to apply eye cream to calm bags and dark circles? Tap the product in with your finger tips over the brow ridge and in the distance of about 2 cm from the lower eyelid. Brief massage will also do you good to improve blood circulation.

Concealer for dark circles around eyes

Even though it will not remove dark circles around eyes, it can effectively camouflage them. I’m talking about concealer, obviously. The one able to conceal all flaws should: have a semi-liquid consistency that leaves no smudges in the crease; be applied with a sponge or a brush; have one tone lighter shade than the foundation; absorb well before you proceed with following cosmetics. Do not use highlighting concealers because these can emphasise the bags and dark circles.

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