Hair Repair. How to Care for Hairdos in 5 Steps?

Hair is women’s weak spot. When something bad happens to our hairdos, we suffer a lot. After all, hair is the synonym of beauty. An amazing and healthy hairdo is the pride of women. The brutal truth is… men also pay attention to long and well-kept hair. Beautiful, luminous strands that fall on your shoulders tell the world that you like taking care of yourself. To keep it healthy and stunning, you must know how to care for it. I’ve created a short guide that will help you achieve the goal.

hair oil

  1. Even though hair is quite resistant, it likes delicate care. Few girls pay attention to washing products and shampoos’ ingredients. Sadly, a strong shampoo that is full of chemicals like SLS can irritate the scalp. The consequences are awful: weak hair bulbs, dandruff, excessive sebum secretion or dehydrated scalp. Not even one healthy hair is going to grow out is such unfavourable conditions. Go for mild and natural shampoos that have a short list of ingredients.
  2. A shampoo is not enough in hair care. It makes a base for the next step that is extremely important – nourishing. After washing, it is crucial to apply a conditioner, at least for a few minutes. I bet few of you know that it is better to apply a mask or conditioner against the direction of hair growth. In this way, it is easier for the product to get under the open cuticle scales.
  3. Oiling is the best you can do for your hair. It is a beauty treatment that looks like applying a hair mask yet you apply a natural oil instead of an artificial drugstore cosmetic. To be honest, it outclasses all hair masks. The right hair oil treatment involves spreading the oil both on hair and scalp. Why so? The oil’s molecules and nutrients can get inside hair bulbs and nourish hair from within. Hair oiling is so comfy that you can do it anytime and how often you wish. I oil my hair and scalp twice a week, leaving the oil in for an hour or two. When I’m pressed for time, I apply it to dry hair and rinse out after 15 minutes.
  4. Hair likes regular trimming. Oiling gives amazing effects yet because of the exposure to blow-drying and sunlight, hair ends start drying and splitting sooner or later. Trimming delivers lightness and vitality. Hair repays with health and great appearance.
  5. Balanced hair care. Delivering a suitable quantity of proteins, emollients and humectants. Keratin-enriched conditioners are great but when you apply them too often, your hair can start breaking and drying (so-called over-proteined hair). That’s why you must balance the excess of protein by delivering emollients thanks to oiling. Speaking of balance… remember that your hair has a limited patience. Blow-drying, flat iron, colouring, styling mousses, sprays and other strong products – the black list in hair care.

I hope following the five rules will enhance your hair and let it grow healthy. Have a nice day! 🙂 

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