Grey Circles Under Eyes Remedies

Dark circles under eyes are a common issue that not only women struggle with. It is a highly common problem and it significantly affects the cosmetic appearance of the person. Puffy eyes make us look older, tired, and lifeless. Lack of sleep, bad diet, and excess of stress can all contribute to dark circles.grey-circles-under-eyes

The main cause of grey circles under eyes is the lack of sleep. Most people deprive themselves of enough amount of sleep. It reflects not only in their mental performance the next day, but also on the condition of their skin. During night your body regenerates goes through the detoxification process. Make sure that you have a chance to rest for at least 7 hrs. in a dark, well ventilated bedroom. If you have problems falling asleep, the lavender bath may sooth your nerves and relaxes your tense muscles. You can also drink a glass of warm milk as calcium makes it easy to fall into deep sleep.

One of the quickest way to fix puffy, grey eyes is to use tablespoons. Put them in your freezer for a couple of minutes so they can get ice chilly. When they are cold enough, lay down with spoons on your eyes until they get warm. Due to the temperature shock, your blood will circulate faster which will result in reducing grey circles, redness or any puffiness you may have. You can do the same procedure with the special Eye Ice Pack that you can find in any drug store.

What also works well, is using the cucumber mask. You can simply put a slice of fresh cucumber on your lids for a few minutes or if you wish, you can apply a cucumber pulp mask all over your face.

Additionally, if you would like to improve the condition of your complexion drink a lot of water. If your skin is saggy and dry, it may be the sign that you are dehydrated. Cut down on black tea, coffee, and alcohol and provide your body with the supply hydration.
If any of this treatments do not work, it may be necessary to use special creams dedicated to reduce the puffiness or under eyes shades. It is also a good idea to consult the issue with the doctor who can excludes any allergy or a disease.

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