Lifehack: perfectly covering eye concealer

Is everyday make-up a bit too difficult? For a long time, I have been fighting my make-up cosmetics battle, when I tried to force them work, just as I expected it. Today I approach this subject differently. Meet my method for perfectly covering concealer!

In make-up matters how clever you are. There aren’t non-effective cosmetics! There are only cosmetics we do not know how to use, or we have not yet found the right one. Besides, you have to remember that not every cosmetic is for us. In our hands in may not work and turns out to be a dud, while for someone else it will work perfectly. It involves all conditioning and make-up cosmetics, but today I will focus on concealers.

The perfect concealer. Does it exist?

The search for perfect cosmetic shall begin now. When looking for this perfect eye concealer, we often expect the impossible. Usually, we want it to have high coverage. At least as high to be able to deal with tiresome dark circles around eyes. Additionally, the perfect concealer should be light, blend with skin, be crease-resistant and look like a second skin. One thing though, is it even real? Perhaps, but I have not yet found it and I suspect that for every woman it’ll be a different product. It is hard to find eye concealer able to fulfil all women needs. What then?

I tell you a secret: even skin around eyes is not concealer merit!

I learned it while I was reading an interview with Michael Ashton, who for several years is a make-up artist for Adele. It is worth to listen to this guy because he knows his job (just look at Adele). The singer has never had a make-up mistake. When going through her pictures, you cannot find even one where you’d see the dark circles around eyes. You’d say it is up to expensive cosmetics and great skills of a make-up artist? I tested it and I can assure that this is not the secret. What is?

“Lifehack” — perfectly camouflaging concealer

Before applying concealer, that is intended to camouflage the dark circles around eyes, apply moisturising cream. A small amount of eye cream applied there will provide a velvety layer on which concealer can evenly spread. Best if it was cream with primer function, but it is not a necessity.

Simple, isn’t it?

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