Natural Remedies for White Teeth

I have many request from you to presents some natural ways of teeth whitening. As you probably know, I use some of these techniques with great results. We all agree that being confident about your smile is extremely important for our wellbeing. It takes no brainer to know that the whiter teeth are, the more often you are likely to smile. Many researches reveals that smiling has numerous health benefits. It releases endorphins that make us feel good, reduces stress, and it boosts the immunity level.white-teeth

The most common natural remedy is the baking soda. Mix the teaspoon of soda with your regular toothpaste or with the lemon juice. Then gently brush your teeth with this mixture for about 2 min. Many claims that this method may dame your enamel. It may be, indeed harsh on it, so it is recommended to use it once a fortnight. Apart from whitening properties, baking soda can neutralize any bad odour and it will leave your breath baby fresh.

Turmeric is another great remedy that is widely used for lightening and removing stains form your teeth. If you are familiar with this amazing root powder you probably know that it has a bright orange colour. Take a piece of turmeric root and chew it for a while or if you cannot get the root you can use easily available turmeric powder. Mix it with a water and brush teeth with this paste using the soft toothbrush. As the turmeric stains all synthetic materials you would like to dedicate a toothbrush only for that treatment. It is a safe way to keep your teeth white and your gums healthy. Turmeric has strong anti-inflammatory properties so it is recommended for anybody with gum issues.

Fruits such as strawberries, lemons and bananas contain a fair amount of malic acid that can remove the plague and any stains from your teeth. You can use any of these fruits separately or you can create a delicious, colourful paste that will be used to brush teeth. It is very effective and safe way that will guarantee a beautiful smile. I normally chew the turmeric root in the morning and during the day I rub the banana skin against my front teeth.

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