Why I fell in love with Nanoil Hair Oil

Hello everyone!

I couldn’t resist the temptation and I bought Nanoil Hair Oil. It has been advertised almost everywhere and I’ve read so many positive opinions so I finally decided it’s going to be mine. I ordered it a few weeks ago but I wanted to test it thoroughly before posting my opinion. Hence the review gathers the most essential information regarding the effects of oil treatment.

From the beginning…

I was looking for a natural blend of essential oils for my hair for a long time. I have already oiled my hair with natural oils, among which my favourites are Maracuja oil, and Sweet Almond oil (which I love to apply to my face as well). Unfortunately, the search for ready-made hair oils seemed pointless. I was searching for natural products among hundreds of cosmetic mistakes … until I found one! Eureka!

I would like to present Nanoil Hair Oil – it is not only full of natural oils in the composition but also it is not overwhelmed with silicones and is free of various synthetics.

best hair oil - nanoil high porosity


It would be best if I start with a short presentation of the product, using the information from the website (www.nanoil.co.uk). I would also like to encourage you to read the information in detail – they describe it wonderfully.

Nanoil Hair Oil is:

  • an innovative combination of natural oils that provide deep nourishment, hydration, reinforcement and regeneration of the hair and scalp;
  • intensive treatment aimed to accelerate hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss thanks to oils and natural stimulants;
  • a natural and safe formula free of parabens and silicones, designed for hair with different structure – porosity.

If you keep struggling (unsuccessfully) for beautiful and healthy hair, Nanoil will be the perfect solution for you. It works perfectly with any type of hair. Natural oils are combined in such a way that they quickly get absorbed into the hair and adapt to all our needs. As there is no universal product, Nanoil Hair Oil comes in three versions, each of you will find your favourite product:

  • Nanoil For High Porosity Hair: for damaged, dry and brittle hair;
  • Nanoil For Low Porosity Hair: for hair that lacks volume and is difficult to style;
  • Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair: for weak, dull and frizzy hair.


Which of the tree versions should you choose for yourself?

To be honest, at first, I had a little problem with choosing the right one. It’s nothing strange, especially if you hear about different types or hair structure for the first time in your life. Information about porosity as well as fatty acid content and the particles can be a bit overwhelming. Nevertheless, I done the porosity test available on the website, read a bit more online and even tried to do the Float Test with the glass of water (ended up in failure). According to the them, my hair is medium porosity, although the split ends could indicate the tendency to high (the worst) porosity. Therefore, I purchased two oils, just in case;)

P.S. As far as I know, if you want to examine the porosity of your hair it is best to do it at a trichologists or hairdressers where they have a microscope and can see the condition of the hair in close up.

The first approach:

Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair

At first, I started using Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair, because that’s how it was classified after the porosity test. In this version of Nanoil, there are six natural oils: Argan, Macadamia, Marula, Jojoba, Maracuja and Coconut. I was afraid of the last one because it was able to tangle my hair. The product is completely natural, but aside from the oils, there is also place for silk, UV filters, vitamins A + E, sprout extracts and growth stimulants. Really NO silicones, preservatives and allergens.

Nanoil For Medium Porosity Hair worked best on my hair when applied to the full length and rubbed into the scalp before washing and then thoroughly rinsed. After applying Nanoil Hair Oil the strands were silky smooth, though after rinsing, the effect was weaker. This is an effectively nourishing hair oil, but in my case it did not give the ‘wow’ effect. It was not suitable for my hair, especially when I applied it to damp hair before drying, even though I used the minimum amount. It is very difficult to determine the hair porosity and the products have to be selected carefully selected.

The second approach:

Nanoil For High Porosity Hair 

As a second, I started using Nanoil For High Porosity Hair which turned out to be the perfect product for me. It also contains six natural oils, but has a slightly different composition that suits my hair, probably also because Coconut oil was not added. In this version, we have the following oils: Almond, Argan, Evening Primrose, Avocado, Maracuja, Cotton Seed. There are two natural hair oils that I love to use solo. Additionally, there are growth stimulants, shoot extracts, keratin, panthenol, UV filter, silk, lanolin and vitamin E – a wealth of additional nutrients. And here again we get a formula WITHOUT silicone, paraben, alcohol, preservatives and other harmful substances.

No wonder Nanoil Hair Oil worked better on my hair this time. I had the feeling that my hair needed a more intensive regenerative treatment. This version can be applied overnight, to dry or wet hair, before or after washing, or, whenever you want to add a bit of shine and softness to the hair. Of course, I adjust the portions used to the minimum necessary to work effectively. Thus I do not weigh down my hair. This way, the oil will last longer. What about the hair? Since I use Nanoil For High Porosity Hair, the strands are beautiful, very smooth and shiny. No more problems with running my fingers through it. My struggle with frizzy and unruly curls as well as thinning is finally over. No other hair oil worked so well for me, especially only after a few uses! I’m very positively surprised.


I recommend Nanoil for everyday hair care, but I encourage you to choose it consciously, not just being guided by your porosity, but also by trying different versions. It may turn out that (as it was in my case) on the given hair Nanoil for different type of porosity than the one you have in theory will work better. Nevertheless, Nanoil is the best hair oil I have had the chance to test and will certainly not replace it with any other. I only have to wait for my hair to grow, which will happen for sure as I can already spot several baby hair;)

Make sure to get more info about Nanoil from product website www.nanoil.co.uk

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